My first self-published zine compiling things said to me about medication for mental health. I wanted to collect all these opinions and well-meaning but sometimes harmful comments and bits of “advice” and try to visualize my own thoughts about them as a juxtaposition to the text.



For Inktober 2017 I created 31 pages of botanical drawings with handwritten descriptions of their purported healing properties according to Dr. Edward Bach. These I then had printed into a zine using green and black Risograph inks.

States of Design  , July 2016

Mapping the Met

Curated by Tim Szetela in conjunction with the Met's MediaLab, this show featured our 8-person class' individual "mapping" projects of chosen areas within The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. I worked within the newly-revamped American Wing.

Wonderboy   (detail), Spring 2016

Digital short story

From January through April of 2016, we wrote and developed an original short story under the tutelage of illustrator Jim Rugg and screenwriter Mark Sable. All 8 stories were featured in a show at the SVA Flatiron Gallery at the beginning of June and can be seen online in full.

The Collections of Albertus Seba  , July 2016


For Diego Vainesman's Type & Context course, I developed three illustrated posters in a series I called The Collections of Albertus Seba. Made with a combination of traditional illustration in pencil and watercolor, and digital editing and typesetting.


Iris: Visionary

For Jim Rugg's "Story Visualized" class, our midterm assignment was to produce a biography. Taking inspiration from the documentary Iris, I combined watercolor illustrations and hand lettering to create a brochure about nonagenarian fashion icon Iris Apfel.

nil clip.gif

Meet Nil

A short, hand-drawn animation introducing my first original character, Nil, using techniques from Matt Rota's classes on Photoshop, Illustrator, and AfterEffects.

stories clip.gif

Telling Stories Wrong

Why is Little Red Riding Hood…with a giraffe? A hand-drawn, animated film bringing a cheeky short story by Italian children's author Gianni Rodari to life.

Adapt a Game: Fireman

From Jim Rugg's "Story Visualized" class, the assignment was to turn a game into some sort of a visual narrative. I chose one of the handheld games I remembered my mother liking, and created a sort of comic about a possible backstory to the game.

breach clip.gif

NO|ON 2015: Breach

My first "film", 5 minutes long, hand-drawn and animated under great duress for the final project of my first semester of graduate school. This was my first time ever using AfterEffects and working with sound and motion graphics.


good morning: a night owl's bleary-eyed commute

For a typography assignment in Diego Vainesman's "Type & Context" class. A handbound, digitally-printed accordion book detailing my NYC morning commute in graphic type and digital illustrations.