The Collections of Albertus Seba

For Diego Vainesman's Type & Context course, I developed three illustrated posters in a series I called The Collections of Albertus Seba.

Seba was a 17th-c. Dutch zoologist and pharmacist, whose vast collections of natural and manmade curiosities and materials were said to have inspired Linnaeus' development of the scientific classification system. Seba commissioned many illustrations of various topics and themes within his collection, and I have always been drawn to this type of scientific illustration. We were asked to develop three typographic posters showcasing one theme or artist, so my three create letters out of elements found within these illustrations of Seba's collection, separated by "sea", "land", and "air". I drew and watercolor-painted every item featured and used a handwritten-looking typeface to add my own thoughts as "notes" on each page.

I also did a brief animation of the main poster, "Sea".