In 2013, I discovered Jake Parker's wonderful social media challenge, INKtober.

The premise is simple: to create something using ink and post it online, regularly. The "rules" are loose, and the challenge is completely self-monitored - you get what you give. I always choose the popular route of promising myself I will do something every day and use it as practice for both self-discipline and inking skills, using hashtag #farebellainktober to keep track of my own work. Inevitably I fall behind, but I do catch myself up and am proud to have many more drawings that I am excited about, inking skills that I can see developing, and new artists on Instagram that I follow and whose work thrills and inspires me. Also I am sharing the challenge with my coworkers at Lion in the Sun, using hashtag #inktoberbrooklyn.

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This year I'm illustrating the fascinating natural essences created by Dr. Edward Bach in the 1880s, which are supposed to help with some unusual ailments (for both humans and pets). Their most famous product is Rescue Remedy, lauded by the likes of Martha Stewart for relief from anxiety. Read more about them at

These have been collected into a Risographed zine, "Rescue Me, Remedy", available for sale!


Following, mostly, the official Inktober prompts. (This was also my thesis year...therefore, the most dismal.)



So close...


NB: Slim pickins' from my first excuse was I was traveling...